Little Sense

LittleSense is designed specifically for researchers and enthusiasts who want to quickly deploy bespoke sensor network applications. The projects is intended to be a foundation on which specialist applications can be build. The layout and codebase of the project is well documentation, easy to customise and designed to be readable. Although the project is in essence a template, out of the box LittleSense provides a number of advanced features:

  • A local RaspberryPi (PI) based webserver
    • which can be deployed to a PI using an automated Fabric script
    • which will collect any data thrown at it via a serial port or the Web API
    • which can visualise data via a web interface
    • which can automatically create backups and clean log data
    • which provides a web based serial interface for debugging
  • Sensor device example code
    • for Arduino boards, written in C
    • for Adafruit boards, written in CircuitPython (a derivative of Micro-python)

LittleSense Overview

As mentioned, sensors devices can communicate with LittleSense in a number of ways. Devices can interact with a RESTful API over WiFI or a radio transceiver can be connected to a serial port providing a gateway to any radio network. Currently the project has a examples for RFM69 radio modules only, however we intend to expand on this soon.

For further information and to build your own sensor network check out the LittleSense Website and the quick start video below.