Anim8 was developed as part of a research project at University College London (UCL) and Southampton University. The app facilitates the creation of stop-motion animations using hand held cameras i.e. an iPad. When making stop motion animations, it is critical that the camera does not move involuntarily between frames. This is normally achieved by affixing the camera to a tripod, Anim8 achieves the same effect uses image stabilization software, where each frame of the animation is aligned to its predecessor.

iPad Demo

Anim8 was created to examine how lay users understand and interact with visual feedback from computer vision technologies. We needed an engaging task which would expose users to sustained interaction with visual feedback. After a great deal of experimentation and design iterations it was concluded that stop-motion animation provided the best activity for a controlled study. The paper associated with Anim8 is currently under review and I will update this page as soon as it is published.

The app was developed for iOS devices and written mainly in Swift, however in parts C++ and Objective-C are called upon to integrate OpenCV, which is employed to preform the computer vision processes. The app is a prototype and developed specifically for the iPad Air 2, however it has been tested on various devices and functions as expected.