Ocean Scan

Dr Anne Le Brocq, a glaciologist at Exeter University, wanted a way to explain the seabed scanning technologies used in Antarctica to school children. Together we conceived and built the Ocean Scan project.

This is not the finished article, however we wanted to trial it at an open day. In the final design there will be a projection on to the surface which reveals a map as the user explores the surface. In addition, there will be a number of big screens with different visualisations of the scan data.

We were very pleased that the overall reaction was positive and it was great to see teenagers not only engage, but also really understand the message. In many of the interactions, as we explained the concept, we could visibly see the kids having a "light bulb" moment. They would stop, look for a moment and then take over the explanation. Nine times out of ten they were right!

After the participants had their mini epiphany, we gave them the chance to build their own survey vessel which they could then use to do more scanning. Here are a few examples: