Bespoke Software & Hardware Solutions

We specialise in the development of sophisticated solutions to complex problems. Our holistic approach to problem solving encompasses not only the technical implementation, but also user interaction. Making sure that our systems are both technically robust and usable.

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We are a collective of experienced software engineers, researchers and hardware developers. Together we offer a wide range of technical and analytic services. Providing consultancy, design and implementation for projects from conception through to user evaluation. Our strengths are bring together many technologies to solve challenging problems.

Mobile Apps

Applications for Android and iOS devices using native or cross platform development tools.

Desktop Software

Windows, MacOS or Linux desktop applications developed using cross platform development frameworks.

Integrated Software

Firmware and software fore integrated electronic development platforms such as Arduino and Beaglebone.

Hardware Development

Circuit design, 3D printed enclosures, hardware prototyping and consultancy.

Users Experience

Evaluation, experimentation and analysis to better understand user experience and inform interaction design.


Security and resilience testing of hardware and software to ensure reliable system operation.


We can develop software for mobile, desktop and integrated devices. We have experience of all the major native and general purpose languages such as Python, C++, Javascript, NodeJS and Swift.

Examples Software:

Anim8 ExNotes PDFSearch

User Experience

Effective user interaction is critical for any system to be successful and efficient. No matter how well implemented an idea, if end users are not able to interact effectively, the system as will not operate effectively. Our background in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) makes us well equipped to create effective user interactions and design ecologically valid user studies to test and inform designs.

Examples Research Papers:

Connecting the things to the internet Designing natural language output for the IoT


The development of prototype hardware can be a daunting task. Collectively we have developed many prototype systems for research. We can consult, design and build sophisticated hardware solutions.

Examples Projects:

Camera-based window-opening estimation Little Sense Connecting the things to the internet RFM69 Ocean Scan


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Raspberry Pi and SDStore (Python 3) (04 Apr 2018)

All you need to know about getting you Python 3 SDStore project up and running on a Raspberry Pi.

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All developers rely in some way on the work of open source and community projects. We support and maintain a number of projects designed to help researches in their everyday tasks.

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